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devastation within our natural world environment? The tide is coming in, and all the sand fortresses we build along our shores of limitation are of no avail, because the dilemma of the world is not a problem in its surface features but is rather a problem existing deep within the tide of mind itself, in its unconscious depths of wanting.


The Avatar comes to affect a change from within. He uses for this purpose, while alive on earth, His divine free sanskaras to alter both the fate and destiny of the universe. The result of His work on earth will push humanity into an extreme state of helplessness and hopelessness. Then, the whole world will become an arena for the living of the "New Life" which will enable humanity to throw off its accumulations of unnatural impressions and get established in the life of the Truth.


This New Life will enable the gross conscious human being to get established in the life of eternity, and this in turn will produce the remedies from within for all the external problems in the world. The world predicament will be corrected from inside out. Our imagining that we can correct all this world confusion from the surface only is what causes worldwide dismay over the universal state of affairs. The New Life is a gradual changing of consciousness from within, a change of heart. We can feel confident that Baba has already changed everything on the inside. We have but to attune ourselves to this to see it manifest in our exterior lives. He has sent us out upon a new adventure. It is our own inner change of consciousness. Everything in the world will come into realignment with this new consciousness. And the helplessness and hopelessness increasingly experienced amidst all of humanity will lead at last to humanity's redemption.


Each one will strive to see the Beloved, not just in His pictured shadow image, but as He really is. He will paint His face into the heart of the world and this will be His Manifestation, where everything will assume its proper relationship within the natural balance.


So many people complain, "If I could only have seen Meher Baba in physical form!" But did not Meher Baba say again and again, "I am not this body that you see." This means, actually, that Baba was invisible even while incarnated on earth. His physical body was the actual encasement of His prolonged seclusion. He secluded Himself within the illusion of His physical being, and that was His suffering, for He longed only to be seen as He really is. That body, which was actually His seclusion, was necessary for His universal work.


The dropping of His body was the Avatar's signal that He was out of seclusion for good. It was the end of His confinement. Only then could He begin to be truly visible in the world as His universal work.


At first only a few, those who are consciously looking and looking very intently, can see Him manifesting in the world. But soon the results will become more sharply defined and everyone will suspect that something great has happened. At last everyone will know that a magnificent change has occurred and that it is the Avatar who has brought this change. It will happen both gradually and all of a sudden.


Baba says, "I am everywhere and in everything." Thus, to see Him everywhere and in everything is to see Him manifesting in the world. "Then all suffering will be as though it were not" and the phenomenal world will become the happiness which it really is."


To understand all this more fully, we must wait to see the soon-to-be-published book which Meher Baba instructed Bhau Kalchuri to write, entitled, Avatar of the Age, Manifesting.



The Significance of Awareness, continued from page 7.


"As infinite love I experience Myself as everyone and everything. I enjoy and suffer through you to make you aware that you are Infinite."


From the 1962 Sahavas:


"Patiently I have suffered these things in Silence for all My children. It is time they became aware of the Presence of their Father in their midst, and responsibility towards Him and themselves."


Before a period of Seclusion, Baba stated:


"I want you to live in accord and to maintain cordial relations with all during My six months of Seclusion which will test to the utmost your forbearance making you aware of the extent of My Love for you."


And during His last year, when Baba was seriously ill and suffering greatly, He


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