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permits only a few highlights here as fellows:


"Most of our material troubles here on Earth are due to limited awareness of reality. Although Meher Baba would have said this from His Universal perspective, I am speaking to you now from a scientific one that we all can comprehend.


"Nearly all of us believe that because we are residents of Earth we therefore solve our problems here. Space, what we know of it, remains a remote possibility. In fact, there is no barrier separating Earth's atmosphere from the rest of the solar system.


"My vision is to work with others to create a project that will spread awareness of how scientific technology can create a tremendous impact upon our day-to-day lives.


"I see most of us limiting our thinking to the boundaries of earth. From this perspective, problems such as world hunger, resource shortages, economic stagnation and poverty seem insurmountable. This view holds that problems on earth must be solved on earth. But within our solar system are solutions beyond the imagination.


"The combination of virtually unlimited raw materials and energy will transform earth's resources. To give several examples: if you place a transatlantic call, it is likely to go straight up 22,000 miles to a communications satellite, then down again - each utterance! If you know someone who wears a pacemaker or had a CAT scan, their lives were probably saved in part by space technology. But these examples don't solve problems such as hunger, poverty or the helplessness that accompanies them.


"The potential of space - within our solar system - is to transform life on earth. Many scientists agree that we have adequate technology to begin solar manufacturing. The problem, however, is that of perspective which is frustrating our efforts at human betterment.


"Most people view solar advances as pertaining to the distant future, the region of dreams. But they would be excited about space technology it only they had an awareness of how much it has already contributed to our lives, and how much more it has to contribute.


"For instance, by building solar-powered satellites, solar radiation could be converted into electricity that could be directed anywhere on earth to end world poverty. How? Various antiquated farming methods, especially in third-world countries, for example, could be replaced by solar-powered electricity which could be used to pump seawater into deserts and then distill it for irrigation.


"We have all the necessary technology to tap space's resources to whatever extent we desire. Eventually (within 25 years) work can begin on construction of large-scale space colonies that will collectively house as many people as care to leave Earth. Clearly the full realization of these possibilities will set humanity free from its material limits. Also, the benefits of a frontier are spiritual as well as material.


"Earth is only a small speck within its own solar system. An Age of Enlightenment is dawning, and space technology will play a large part. This Age will be characterized by the removal of limits upon human awareness. We stand at the inner edge of this New Age. We're through the crossroads, now it's up to each one of us to develop our full potential.


"Awareness that our limits are illusions, and spreading that awareness to others will play a key part." (end of quote)


A passage from the New Testament comes to mind:


"And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of My spirit upon all flesh, and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions and your old men shall dream dreams."


The following statements of Baba's on Awareness may be helpful.


"My Advent is not to destroy illusion, because illusion as it is, is absolutely nothing. I come to make you become aware of the nothingness of illusion."


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