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"You are bliss itself. To make you aware of it, I come amongst you and suffer infinite agony.”


Now I would like to ask Lois to read a few couplets from Rumi, Baba's favorite poet.



It was He, not I knocking at the door
it was He within.
I caress my own breast for there He is hidden.
No one else knows you;
since you and I, I know you.
Forms become a trifle
when feeling and intuition richly intensify.
In the end a man tires of everything
except heart's desiring, soul's journeying.
Sultan, saint, pickpocket;
love has everyone by the ear dragging us to God
by secret ways.
I never knew that God, too, desires us.


To close with Baba's words:


"I have come to sow the seed of Love in your hearts so that in spite of all superficial diversity which your life in illusion must experience and endure, the feeling of Oneness through Love is brought about amongst all nations, creeds, sects and castes of the world."





The One-Minute Baba Lover, continued from page 21.


24)   Here's a string to tie on my finger! If I get upset or bored with doing petty things, I'll recall what Baba said: "Everything is petty but God, so why get upset about doing petty things?"


25)    Brother Lawrence had it knocked. Everything (and his everything was lifelong K.P.) - everything he did, he did for God.


26)    For PEACE OF MIND don't throw around those PIECES OF YOUR MIND . . . especially at others.


27)    Today - tomorrow too - I'll manage to LIKE myself, and approve of myself, because then I'll feel like liking others . . . sounds easy, but sometimes this is the hardest thing to do.


28)   “NO BLAME". I'll steal a line from the I Ching . . . no blame for anyone, even myself, for the next half-hour. That will "manage" a lot of irritation!


29)   Best medicine (without a prescription, too) is HUMOR!  Where's my sense of humor today! Baba said, the whole creation is a joke, and He told it! So why am I taking it all so seriously?


30)     Which leads to the thought or the mantra of a good sannyasin: it's all an ILLUSION: Lila . . . the play of Maya . . . Tamasha. Choose your favorite word. It's the big Christmas pantomime! Just play your part well.


31)   Baba said He does not use mantras . . . His only mantra is: HIS NAME. Saying "BABA, - BABA" is the best of all mantras. Perhaps we should be sure to say MEHER BABA,  MEHER BABA.


32)   One-minute memo to myself: Read at least ONE paragraph from any Baba book today. It is a great focusing device.


33)   SUMMA THEOLOGICA:   "Hold On To My Daaman." "Even if the heavens fall, do not let go the Hand of Truth!"






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