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household things. I came hurriedly and told my mother what had happened, and asked,


"Shall I go?"


She said, "You fool! Why do you come back to ask such a thing? Go!"


Again I ran to that temple, and came to those old ladies, and said,


"Now I 've gotten permission from my mother. Tell me now the way to go. Where is this God?"


They gave me directions, and after I had gone a certain distance, what did I see? — a very beautiful water, a sea, most beautiful. I have not seen in my life such beautiful rocks, colors . . .

And as soon as I saw it, I took off my clothes and just dove in. I don't know swimming, even now, but I remember diving then. And as soon as I entered the water, what did I see? . . .


Many years later the picture, "The Ten Commandments" was released. And exactly the same scene where Moses parted the waters, I saw in my dream. The water parted high on both sides, and after a few steps, I saw a huge person standing before me. I could not see his face even; he was so huge, so beautiful, attractive, and marvelous . . . I could see his feet, but not his face. Then I did see his face, with beautiful eyes, smiling towards me. But one thing I noticed, that he had four hands, something in each hand. He asked me, "Oh you fool, where are you searching for me?" — Those words I remember.


"You see, I have been directed by those ladies. That's why I have come here."


"Oh but this is not the way of searching for God."


"Then?" I said.


He said, "Follow me."


I saw him going, and said to myself, "Oh I had just found Him!" So I ran towards Him, and as soon as I got near, He disappeared.


So I said, "Oh! What a fate. I was just catching Him, and He disappeared. But, I was fortunate to see Him at least — though I didn't touch Him."


Then I saw His aura remained, it was moving, and I heard, "Follow Me," from that aura.


I was following that aura, and again that aura came to the big temple, and entered into one of the small temples. I followed. The temple had a small door, so I put my hands on the portal and looked in. It was a Krishna temple. The aura went to the statue of Krishna and started moving around it.


I saw that no one else was inside the temple, and that the idol was black — all else was white and white and white. The statue was of Krishna, flute in hand, a beautiful posture. Then the words came,


"Sing a bhajan."


And I don't remember the words, but I remember I sang in a Bhairavi tune . . .


While I was singing, I felt that someone was shaking me, and I opened my eyes. My brother was saying, "Oh, you are to go to Ahmednagar. What are you doing? The whole night you were muttering — I was trying to awake you. What's wrong?"


"Where am I?" I said.


"You are to go to Ahmednagar. Wake up!" It was four o'clock, and someone came for me. I was in a most joyous mood. In all my life it was the most precious day — the dream was a wonderful experience.


We were eight, going to Ahmednagar. First we saw Adi in his office — a wonderful secretary of Avatar Meher Baba. He came, just like a prince, and asked sharply,


"You came from Poona? You know that Baba is in seclusion. Who is the fool who directed you to come today?"


As soon as I heard Adi, I thought




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