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Subhaddra, my wife, was singing. I was introduced to her, that she is a qualified, educated lady, knowing bhajan singing, and even though I was not attracted to all this spirituality, so nicely she sang that I would have liked to hear her again and again.


In this way, I was visiting such gatherings. Once there was a celebration of Baba's birthday — Baba's fifty-fourth birthday, I remember, if I am not mistaken. And I was taken to Mr. Gadekar’s house where the celebration was to be. Some four to five hundred people were there, and I sat among them. Of course I was attentive to the music only; I did not at all bother about what was going on.


Then the gentleman who came with me announced, "My friend, who has come with me, will also give one song." This, without asking me, but in front of all these people! I couldn't say no. So, I knew only two bhajans, which I had heard from my mother. So I sang one there.


They liked it.


"Come on, sing another," they said.


"All right," I said.


Then, "Another, a third!"


I said, "No, I am sorry. I have no stock!"


So they asked me to repeat what I had sung. Twice, thrice they heard me, and I remember that Dr. Ghani was there.


But still I was not attentive to what was going on — and one of them asked me, "Do you know who is He?" I looked. There were no garlands, just a simple photo of Baba, very attractive.


I said,


"He must be some elderly person from the family?"


"No, no! He is Meher Baba."


"Oh no — I don't want any Baba. He may be . . .," I said.


"You must see Him,” they told me. I asked why.


"You will like it," they said. "No, no, I don't want to."


They said, "Please,"


"All right," I said, "I will think it over."


"Well, we are going Sunday, to see Baba — so we will reserve you a bus ticket."


"All right," I said, "I'll try,"


"No, no, you must come." . . . and so it was arranged.


The night before seeing Baba. I was sleeping, and had a dream. That is the only dream that I remember in my life. It was a wonderful dream. Otherwise, I don't believe in these dreams or anything.


In the dream, I was just going for a walk, and I saw a temple, a white marble temple, very beautiful. It was very big, and I was just looking. There were many small temples in that temple — all white. The people gathered there were also in white dress.


Some bhajans were going on, some lectures or discussions, and I just was observing what was going on. At one place some old ladies were discussing something in Hindi — even now I clearly remember. I just stood there, and one lady asked me, "What do you want?"


I said, "Do you know where God is?"


She said, "Do you want to see Him?"


I said, "Yes, I want to see Him.”


"Do you want to see Him in human form?"


"Is it possible?" I asked.


She said, "Yes, but there is a condition. Once you visit Him, you will not be able to go back.


So you go get permission from your mother or father, and then come."


So then I practically ran to my house. I found my mother doing some


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