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is this a sadhu? and what is this "secretary"? and what way he is talking so straight! I said to my friends, "Come on, I don't want to see Baba."


My friends said, "We have seen Baba, but we have brought some new people. We don't want to ask anything, but just from a distance we want to show Baba to them."


Adi said, "All right — I can't promise it, and it is against His orders, but Baba has gone to Meherabad today, and when He is returning you might see Him. So try."


We asked, "When will He be going back to Meherazad?"


Adi replied, "I don't know. He might go at any moment."


"And who will be driving the car?"


"I will be," Adi said.


     "Oh, that's a good thing — when you see us, slow down the car."


"That much I will do," Adi promised.


So we went to the city, had our lunch, and then waited on the road by the railway station. One o'clock . . . two... three . . . four . . . five . . . six . . . seven . . .


I said, "I won't wait here after 7:14, because I must take the bus, to attend to my duties in Poona."


At 7:14, it was nearly dark, I stood, and asked my friends, "In which direction is your Meher Baba now?"


They pointed out to me the direction to Meherabad. I folded my hands, and said,


"Wherever you may be, these are my pranams — I am going."


As soon as I bowed my hands, He came. I saw a beautiful and tremendous light around me — the same light I had experienced in my dream. He came, in the car, down the road like a flashlight towards me. I could see Him in the car, and saw that His was the form I had seen in my dream.


I fainted there.


Then everyone was running behind the car, and no one noticed me, lying there. At some distance Baba motioned to Adi to stop the car. Baba opened the door and pointed to where I was lying.


Some of my friends came, picked me up and took me to Baba. Baba then called me over very close to Him, put His hand on my head, and said,


"I know you. I love you."


That was all. Then, afterwards I was called to Mahabaleshwar to sing bhajans for Baba, and so many times, and things . . . But I have not seen Baba as I had seen Him on 21st August, 1949. Then afterwards, I have seen Him just like an ordinary human being. But that first darshan, that was a beautiful — a wonderful thing. That I can't forget.


But until now I don't tell anyone this, because I feel that one cannot take this as a miracle! I am against miracles! because I remember Baba saying that although He had all-power, all-bliss, He had not used nor would use His power or bliss. He said He was using 100% Knowledge, and as soon as He manifested, the power and bliss will be released.


So still I believe that Baba has not performed any miracles — but, this thing did happen. There was no craving on my part, because I was dead against spiritual things. I saw that people were being duped in India by such things — You must know that we Hindus have in our houses so many idols, and I had every day to being flowers, incense, and so on, so many rituals we were performing, so expensive for me. So I thought once and for all I will stop it. So, one midnight, when my family was sleeping, I threw all the idols in the river. After that then, I met Baba.




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