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25 January, 1977


O, Mehera, each one of your tears is a pearl of great price.

No one can know their value except your Beloved One.

Your eyes are deep wells, forever filled with longing for Him.

We come longing for one drop of this pure nectar of Love.

From your devotion to Him who is the Source of Allbliss,

We are set aglow, like evening clouds at sunset.

We have never seen your heart's real treasure-house that's alone for Him,

But the silver bells of your laughter ring because He's near.

From your joy, we are made merry and bright as He wishes.

Through you the Fire of His Sun comes afresh each day.


O, Mehera, He is always beside you, hand clasped to yours.

Through you, He moves and speaks, telling us diamond tales.

Your heart is the garland of roses of Love you put in His Room.

You are His heartbeat; your heart works alone for Him who is Lord.


— Barbara Roberts





Is my wine, my wine
My poem
"We are helped by what is not
His lips that never move
to use what is."  Laotze
My song
His word of love poured down.
It is from a
mournful place
Go on! Make dreams
where one is lonely for two
Of colored bread, His word — all joys
come these tears
Will have His name, after a while,
burning love for you.
All songs
Will pearl upon His thread.
I know that
loneliness is a
God! God
primitive kind of love.
Goes down like wine, ‘tis said
But my sadness is
By poets in their mere
A candle-wick burning itself
Of silentness, caught in their weir
in a sacrifice of sorrow.
Of silent words, caught in their songs
Baba, it is better
that I love you from
I blame them not. Each jot
this lone and separate place.
And tittle of pure joy
(Who answers in oneness?)
He sang, once upon a dawn
Creation’s book exposed
It is better
With all blank pages
much better to keep this distance
The Word was this ―
missing you.
Impetus of love
burning away the 'two.'
So hover not, dear poets
Over words
- Priscilla Martin
When Silence-wine pours down
When God pours love like wine.
Filis Frederick




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