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The great fact which one calls God has to be experienced.

He will awaken in men a Love which is Divine and Universal.

That Love will renew all life: it will make men new; it

will make men human; it will make life pure; it will

redeem the world.


When we shape our interests with knowledge and Divine

inspiration,we find fulfillment.

The One-ward high aspiration is the road to the One.

The world needs THE NEW PROPHET to awaken that

understanding which will lead it to the One.

Co-operative work will beget New Understanding.

The man who now is in sorrow will know his Divinity.

MEHER BABA is Truth-realized.

He represents the One, that is, was and ever will be the


He is the Way in our Time, in sorrow and in joy!

Man, unfathomable mystery, lower thy 'I.'

Man, uncontented show of joy, join in The One!

O Man in sorrow, let thy Soul take to wings and find thy


God has always aroused what is His, since The day of


We have to render unto God what belongs to God.

Let us all join, unite, and understand in the Divine






Your hands move from Your heart
You took me from Your heart
and placed me here
when I open my heart to give You
my love, I see the hands that placed
me here, in Your huge hands my heart
no longer moves, nor beats
but sings with You
― Frederick Schwager




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