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The location of our stall is excellent; only a few might miss seeing it and Beloved Baba's life size portrait. The visitors to our stall include people of various castes and nationalities. Up to 30th of November about one million people have visited the Fair and due to the extension of the Fair up to 31st of December 1967, we expect another one million people to visit the Fair as well as "Meher Baba The Awakener" stall.


Hindus, Muslims, Parsees, Khojas, Persians, Arabs, Jews, Sikhs and Christians alike, including nuns and priests, show keen interest and make anxious enquiries about Meher Baba, and purchase books. They are also given free "Meher Baba's Universal Message". This has been printed in English, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, and Persian. We can now safely say that a very large number of Greater Bombay population and many people from other parts of India and foreign countries will have come to know of Avatar Meher Baba. This would never have been possible in another 20 years or more of holding meetings and newspaper publicity.




Yours in Baba, Sorabjee R. Siganporia, President



* * *
by Catherine (Cay) Draper


"Is there anything else you'd like to see?" I asked Kitty Davy on the partly dredged, partly filled St. Lawrence River site for Expo' 67 one bleak January afternoon in 1965 when she was on one of her semi-annual visits. We had driven from Montreal Island to look at Notre Dame Island which was then being man-made.


Kitty had told us about Baba's booth at the New York World's Fair the summer before.


"I think not, thank you," she replied.


"What sort of booth are you planning for Expo?"


"We're not planning one, Cay. We haven't thought about it. We'll be at the New York World's Fair again this summer."


"But I thought you were planning something for Expo. I thought you waned to see the site."


* The title of a book by Antoine de Saint-Exupery, "Man and His World" was the basic theme for Expo '67, the world's fair held in Montreal.


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