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eating it. Sleep soundly in Baba and when you wake up remember it is Baba getting up. The one thought will do. If you get a pain then think it is Baba getting a pain. Then it will be all the time Baba.


"On the 1st of April starts this new life. Try to forget yourself and do all as Baba and you will enjoy what you do. It is all bliss, all love, it is we who have created misery."


This "Way of Life," as you can see, leads to one focal point or goal, to be absolutely absorbed at all times in Baba. Here is struck the keynote in relation to following an Avatar, a living Master — a living Christ.


Some few there are who, on meeting Baba for the first time have thereafter become "absorbed" in Him. He becomes their one thought; their one subject of discussion; the One around whom their daily occupation is centered, and whom their only desire is to serve. Call it love, call it what you will, but to give and to serve is at the moment their conscious response to their absorption in him. It is, I repeat this very "genius for absorption" that Baba both creates and sustains in those who are drawn through love to him, and which embraces the spiritual and material simultaneously This, one observed above everything else, and is the thought one came away with after one's visits to Meherabad Hill and speaking with the girls — their complete absorption in Baba, every minute of the day.


By learning to follow Baba's "Way of Life" and letting our lives be absorbed in him we will be on the right path.


And to be absorbed in Baba is not the state only of grown ups!! Listen to the recent story of a young boy, aged 10, from California who told his mother if he couldn't sleep, he "just said a couple of Baba Pearls." This was in camp too, during a summer session, but continues now. He says four of them each night — one he repeats twice.


  1. "Everything but God is a passing show."

  3. "God does everything without doing anything."

  5. "I simultaneously eat and don't eat, drink and don't drink, do and do nothing."


And his mother writes, "For some reason these appeal to him."


* * *



Trip to Happy Valley


April 9th was a lovely day, the day Baba took us to Happy Valley. (This must not be confused with the Happy Valley thirteen miles outside Ahmednagar




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