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In the Opel car: Baba—the Infinite; Adi—the alphabet; Margaret—the holy spirit; Delia — the "champak";* and the "Boy."


"Leave at 2 A.M."


We were all sent to bed around 8 P.M. the evening before. We were awakened at 1 AM., tea 1:30 A.M. The early start of course, was to avoid the great heat which was fast approaching, reaching its zenith just before monsoon in early June.


The first week in April brought forth a wealth of spiritual talks from Baba on various subjects. On April 2, a discourse relating to Ashram life:


"Where Insanity is Bliss it is Folly to Remain Sane."


"In Rahuri some of the mad-men work, some meditate, some play. You can see Baba in them, according to their temperament.


"I would like some of you to nurse and wash lepers. Some of you to be merged in meditation on me, some as mendicants, some gay, some thin as skeletons, some big and fat, but all to work for me.


"It is your doing it for me that counts; otherwise we have hospitals and nurses to call upon. But I want you to work for me, beg for me, write for me, meditate on me. When you think of those lepers as Baba, you wash with love. Baba is in all, so if you wash a leper with the same love as you wash my hair, then only do you express the St. Francis state.


"If you dance for me you do as much good as one who meditates on me. Some like work, some play, but when you work for me, play for me, then it is the same. This is Vedanta and Christian philosophy in a nut-shell, so very easy, yet so very difficult.


"Ramakrishna used to say to the 'Mother' (meaning God), 'I lay all my sins and virtues at your feet.'


"Virtue and sin both bind. Both are fetters. Be they of gold or iron, both bind . . .


"Eat, dance, but forget yourself in the action and have me instead. This is action. When you (ego) go away entirely, I am one with you. So bit by bit you have to go; today your 'nose,' tomorrow your 'ear', then your 'eyes', your 'hands', everything. So better think of me when you eat, sleep, see and hear. Enjoy everything, but think it is all Baba. Baba enjoys it. Baba is


*A blossoming tree.




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