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doing Thy love encompasseth us. Yet there is something special imparted within these latest gifts, we know, uniting us more consciously with Thee.


Accept our devotion and love, with all their limitations, perfecting their imperfections with THYSELF.

Ever Thy loving son,




Mary's Letter To Baba After Receiving Garlands


Old Oak Cottage
June 1st, 1947.


Most beloved Baba,


We both feel more deeply than we can say, Thy Love and Grace in sending us the beautiful Garlands worn by Thyself and made for Thee with love and devotion. We were glad to be able to be quiet and alone when they arrived, to feel the spiritual outpouring that they brought from Thee, and to inwardly give our love and gratitude. Don had packed and labeled each with such care, they travelled beautifully—and his account of the meetings at Saidapet brought all before us so vividly, as if we were present. We do feel so much Thy Thought and Grace in keeping us in touch with Thy Work, and Thy loving instant response to any inward call for help and Blessing for those needing it, and a thousand-fold more than we could have asked. Keep us ever more close in Thy Heart and give us strength on all planes to be faithful and loving channels for all Thou wouldst have us to do. There are so many souls in need and they feel the great help and upliftment.


With all my love, from my heart,




Fifteen years later in 1962 and 1963, Mary and Will, Baba's dear "archangels," at the ripe age of 86 and 84 respectively, came home to rest in the Ocean of Baba's Love. As Baba told us in Kashmir, 1933, after one of his illuminating talks on Evolution and Involution—"So, what it all amounts to is that when you again enter this Infinite Ocean of Love, Happiness, and Power, the work is finished."




"God loves soft and delicate things. Pure love—pure devotion is the most delicate thing in the world, and that is all that God wants; He wants nothing else." —Upasni Maharaj.




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