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me the garland for both of you and the yarn for Mary, I was late in coming because I was in a different car from Baba. When he gave me the garlands and the yarn he asked me where I had been and I explained why I was late. He then, and also later, explained that if he gives something to me to send to you he should give it at the time the Arti is just over, because then the power generated by the Arti goes with it and what Baba wants to send to you through these things goes with these gifts.


In short, there is a spiritual power that goes with these gifts and the gifts are only the vehicle to carry it to you.


So I hope that what Baba wanted to send you through all these things does get to you.


The final evening (the last day was Good Friday which was a public holiday making it easy for people to come and see Baba), very large crowds came to see Baba. We estimated that in all about 12,000 to 15,000 people came to see Baba during the two days.


We all left on the Saturday morning, April 5th, got to Poona on Easter morning. Baba had a whirlwind meeting with lots of mandali there and we left by car for Mahabaleshwar at 4:15 P.M. and got up here at about 6:30 P.M.


Baba is resting here for two days and on the 9th of April leaves for Shivaji's Fort at Purandhar—it is on a mountain top, 4500 feet high, about 40 miles south of Poona. Baba will be in seclusion now for 20 days, with Ali Shah the Nagar mast.


I hope this reaches you O.K. Love to you both and everyone.


Ever yours,




Will's Letter To Baba After Receiving Garlands


Old Oak Cottage, Halstead, Sevenoaks
June 1st, 1947


Beloved Baba,


We are so deeply touched by Thy Love, as shown again and again, and especially by Thy gifts of the Garlands, worn by Thyself, at Saidapet at Easter time, which have arrived safely by sea mail, conveying the matchless Gift of Thy Grace, to enable us to play our part in Thy great Plan for the West, at this critical time. We need the consciousness of Thy Presence, that never fails, filling us with wonder and awe, and happiness beyond expression, as we realize that wherever we are, and wherever Thou mayest be, or whatever


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