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December 1936-July 1937



This account would not have been possible without the help of Baba's sister, Mani, and Rano Galey, who went through the manuscript many times to insure its accuracy and details.


“The greatest underlying Truth that Meher Baba reveals to us through his life, his writings and sayings is the simplicity and naturalness of living a life of love, service and sacrifice that leads us to the ultimate Oneness."







Meher Baba's sister, Mani, in her family letter of Nov. 15, 1961, writes as follows: “. . . it seems so long ago and yet the moment has stood still, along with other previous moments of those bygone years, ready to be summoned on the screen of the mind, many a detail faded, yet standing out, sharper in many a color, revived and enhanced by the generous brush of reminiscence."


It is these words that have inspired me to recall once again from those precious bygone years, incidents in the life of Baba which we shared during our stay in his Ashram, "Meher Retreat" in Nasik, India, from December 24th, 1936 to July, 1937, when he called a group of his Western disciples to India.


It is not my intention to repeat what I wrote of the Nasik visit in the Spring Issue, 1955 of the "Awakener," save to repeat some of Baba's talks and messages. Do we not profit from reading and re-reading the sayings of Jesus as recorded in the Four Gospels, some of which were written many years after His death! Fortunate indeed then, is this generation to have access to such a wealth of spiritual material given by a living Master.


From this wealth of material, I have, for the most part, chosen what pertains to our training.


At this point I might add that prior to our arrival in India and after much correspondence, Baba wrote that he had procured the Nasik property. This property, "Meher Retreat," was made possible by Norina Matchabelli




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