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To Avatar Meher Baba



I. Reflected Image



Made in Thine image? Lord, we wander far,
Who should be shining like a star—
Who should be singing like a bird—
We, who have heard Thy sacred word!


  Let us recapture now Thy sight,
  And bring Thy vision in delight
  To birth. The barren earth will bloom
  With flowers where we walk; and, when
  We talk, 'twill be as if an angel choir
  Had, singing, kindled holy fire
  To lead all souls forever higher,
  Until they rest at one with Thee.



II. Insensible



Holy lover, let me be
Insensible to all save Thee!
My body dead to any sense―
My mind restored to innocence―
My heart consumed with love for Thee—
Then shall Thy spirit sing through me!




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