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"'What is the reason for your visit?' Baba was asked at a scheduled press conference. He smiled, looked to the ceiling and gestured gracefully. 'I have been repeatedly telling that God is the only reality. God is in every one. Baba says, every one should love God. Your love for God should be so much that you see Him in each and all,' his secretary replies."


—The Washington Evening Star, July 31st, 1956


“'Selfishness is the primary cause of wars. It must be replaced by selflessness to have world peace,' he told the News in a rare statement."


—The Washington News, July 31st, 1956



"Meher Baba made signs and Adi K. Irani interpreted: 'I have come to awaken people to the one God, one humanity, one brotherhood. I have not come to teach a new religion, but revitalize the existing ones'."


Sydney, Australia, paper, August, 1956



"As the Citizen-News photographer took his picture, Baba, clad in loose fitting Indian garments, gestured, ‘God does not listen to words, rites and rituals. He pays heed to the language of the heart'."


—Citizen-News, Los Angeles, August 1, 1956



"Meeting the press in his Roosevelt Hotel suite, he answered a query—'What message does he have to our world and our times?' thus: 'Philosophers, atheists and others may affirm or refute the existence of God. But as long as they do not deny their very existence, they continue to testify their belief in God. God is existence, eternal and infinite. He is everything. The only one aim in the life of man is to attain unity with God'."


—Los Angeles Times, August 1, 1956



"The Master . . . signaled to the several dozen reporters sitting before him: 'When I break my silence, the world will come to know whom the world is waiting for.' He parried a question on the number of his followers with this retort: 'Do you know how many hairs are on your head?'"


—New York World-Telegram, July 24, 1956




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