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of Beloved Babaji's visit to St. Mira's will not be easily effaced from the tablets of the hearts of our students and teachers. And may the shining life of Babaji be an abiding inspiration to the youth of the world!"





Mandirs and Masjids, temples and mosques,

And churches in the East and West

Conceal Thy Face,—

O First and only Fair.


For Thou art Love incarnate

And Thou dwellest in the heart!

To Thee I turn my heart

And pray: lead me to Thyself!


Thou art my Buddhi, mind.

Thou art my heart and will,

     My Light and Joy.
     My Divine Destiny,

And Thou art my bhakti,

My devotion supreme!


Teach me to cast aside

All pride of action,

And in Thy pure service

Pure Nothing be!


Teach me how I may receive

In silence the gift from Thee,

O Silent One!


And as I gaze in silence at the Evening Star,

And in silence walk through the night,

Teach my heart in silence still

To sing at Thy Lotus feet;

To sing and like the candle which burns at night

But goeth out at dawn,

In silence at Thy Feet


DADA (T. L. Vaswani)




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