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Facets of the Diamond




Baba is Truth, Baba is Love, He is Divinity in action, in the human form. He is beyond the power of any one individual mind or heart to grasp. Like a huge diamond blazing in the sun, He can only be seen from one facet at a time. During the "Three Incredible Weeks," from September 11th to September 30th, 1954, when His men devotees were with Him in India, each saw Him from his own viewpoint. Here are a few "facets" of their great experience, which they so kindly share with us.



From Fred Marks:


August, 1954, on board the S. S. Corfu


This voyage from London to India at Baba's invitation is my first visit to India. On leaving Southampton, I was pleasantly surprised when returning to my cabin to see a display of photographs of Baba and to have Mr. Dana Field from New York, who is also on his way to visit Baba, share the cabin with me.


During this brief interval, before arriving at Bombay, there are on this boat groups of nearly all the principle Western and Eastern religions which hope to take up various activities in different parts of the world.


With infectious good humor, Dana says one has been reading the Bible to him and trying to "convert him." Such is the sincerity shown by some who in spiritual awakening turn feelingly towards others.


Some have received Baba's universal message and a few are showing still a deeper interest.


There is a general expectancy of a great happening.


The end of the Age brings again the urge and longing for the One who will bring Redemption and save humanity from the abyss into which it has fallen.


To find this One is to knowingly feel that there is nothing more to be desired.


It is the end of the quest.


His name today is MEHER BABA.


He offers Himself to us.




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