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years in his Ashrams in India, first at Nasik and later on, at Meherabad Hill, Ahmednagar.


We were all drawn to Baba and were inwardly ready to go wherever he asked and all were happy to accept.


This meant leaving our families, or careers, and a promise to obey Baba implicitly.


And so from England, Europe and America, we left by boat for India in December, 1936.


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“I sought it"


“I sought it in the babbling song of streams
I sought it in the fantasy of dreams;
Disillusioned, I forsook
Seeking it in books,
I could not hear it sung
In the wisdom of the tongue.
In the silence of the hills I rushed to find,
There could not still the clamor in my mind;
Weary with defeat,
I dropped down at His feet.
0 Heart rejoice!
I found it in the Silence of His Voice."
(Baba' s sister)




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