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MOHAMMED: To Arabia then, the Prophet came

He taught that God was One

And the Way to Him was to pray to Him

At rise and set of sun.


MEHER BABA: The Lord of Love once more is here

His call to a world in need,

Is to cease the life of endless strife

And turn to loving deeds.

0 world, give heed to that clarion call,

Proclaim it far and wide,

While Meher Baba walks with men

As Lover, Friend and Guide.

—Adele Wolkin


star In England, about 30 people came to Baba's "Golden Jubilee" or 60th Birthday celebration, some Indians staying in London, visitors from Vienna, and a few from the country near London, on the 17th of February, which happened to be the 17th anniversary of Baba's birthday gathering at Nasik. We read Chanji's account of this 1937 Celebration, which is now being circulated among the friends who could not attend. There was a great feeling of Baba's Love and Peace, especially during the reading, and several spoke to me saying how much they enjoyed the whole gathering. Mr. and Mrs. Trau-Fischer, who had been in the U. S. for about ten years and the last three in Vienna, also spoke, and gave impressive accounts of meeting Baba and of his love and help throughout the difficult war years and the many crises they had faced in Europe before reaching the U. S.


Mr. Purdom also read his introduction to the book in which he hopes the Discourses of Meher Baba will soon be published and which he is editing for the West. He also spoke of the need to practice mind-control.

—Will Backett




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