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Twenty or more guests came to our Birthday gathering, held on February 26th, many of them members of a local class in Universal Teachings on Soul Culture. Also present was Dr. Fredoon Birdi, born of Parsi parents, in Baba's birthplace—Poona, India. Dr. Birdi brought some recordings of beautiful bhajans, in the Hindu dialect. Dr. Birdi first heard about Shri Meher Baba about twelve years ago, and hopes to meet him.


After the Eastern music and chants, I was asked to give a brief biographical sketch of the Avatar's life. Two simple ceremonies were then performed that Mother Kyle had arranged,—the first was a "temple tea." Starting with Mother, a cup of spiced tea was passed to each guest to the accompaniment of the prayer: "May Meher Baba bless this tea with health, happiness and the New Life of the Spirit." Afterwards, the birthday cake was cut while Mother Kyle uttered "Baba AUM, Baba AUM." At this moment I experienced Baba very strongly. The first piece of cake was offered, as always, to our "Invisible Guest"—Meher Baba.


In the concluding ceremony, the Avatars of the past and present were honored—a candle was lit for each One, while Mother Kyle recited her own composition:


ORPHEUS: The gracious Lord of Beauty came to Greece in days of old,

He planted Art in the human heart and love of beauty in the soul.


ZOROASTER: He came again with another name

And the fields of Persia trod.

He taught that the pure could best endure

The living Fire of God.


BUDDHA: To India then Lord Buddha came

He taught a Law Divine,

Which moves to good when understood

And loved by all mankind.


JESUS: Then our blessed Jesus came

As the Holy Land He trod

He taught through Love alone can man atone

And find his way to God.

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