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have something under the counter." She looked and brought out a child’s shoe box. She opened that and in it were three heart shaped plastic boxes and I was overjoyed, and again I felt like crying. And I said out loud, "Baba, thank you. You've given me three little boxes, and I'm going to put the roses in them, and I'm going to send them to Gladys and Hilda" And it was done.


Q. I heard from Dana Field that you were reluctant to see Meher Baba in Myrtle Beach in 1958. Why?


A. I was not very willing to go to Myrtle Beach because it was quite a distance and quite a trip and I didn't have any money. But Dana kept after me and I argued: "Dana, look, I have met Baba, I know who He is. Why should I go to Myrtle Beach?"


And Dana said, "You must realize the importance of Meher Baba in the flesh, His physical presence. You must go."


He kept after me; he called me up; he wrote. He wrote me three letters a day, called me three times between each letter. He did this eight days straight. And he lent me some money. And who joined us, but a friend of his, Cristabel Bevin. She was born in Ireland, became an actress, married a wealthy Frenchman, upon which she decided to go to Tibet, to meet all the masters, which she did. She wrote a book called, The Most Difficult Journey in the World. She had hundreds of these books with her when we met at the airport.


Dana had us scheduled on a non-scheduled airline. It ran late. We went to Chicago then to somewhere in Michigan, and then down to Cincinnati.


Dana was getting more and more blissful the closer we got. And while we were waiting to board the next plane in Cincinnati, Dana said we didn't need our tickets anymore and he tore them up and threw them in a trash can. So when they asked show our tickets, we told them what happened. So these men from Eastern Airlines went through the trash and pieced our tickets back together, and they let us board the plane. I was feeling so hilarious at this point that I was just sitting on the pavement, and rolled over. Cristabel was laughing so hard she was almost in tears.


We went in this plane to Virginia. And then we took another one to another spot but encountering lightning, wind and rain. The plane was pitching violently back and forth. Dana was frozen and was looking straight ahead. I was holding this medallion that Adriel had given me which had a little bit of Baba's hair in it. I said, "Baba, if we go down, at least let me hold on to this."


We finally landed, and after a hundred-mile drive, we were at the Center. And we didn't even have time to wash up or anything before meeting Baba.


Christabel, when she went to embrace Baba, threw herself at his feet, saying, "Baba, Baba. I had to go all the way to Tibet to find You here."


Those days in Myrtle Beach were wonderful. We went to the barn everyday with Baba. We went to the ocean with Baba. Perhaps you have seen films of this time of all times — but for me it was out of this world. I felt as if I did not belong in this world at all. That time did not feel like living on this earth. It was a state of being. . . being with Baba, with his very strong vibration, the world did not count anymore. That remained with me throughout.


When Baba left Myrtle Beach, it was another sad parting. He went to Lud Dimpfl’s house in San Francisco. Lud was so excited that Baba was going to stay at his house, that he could hardly contain himself. So we went to the airport and watched Baba leave. It's always a little bit of a heavy feeling when Baba leaves. There's joy and heaviness at the same time.


Q. Did your relationship to Baba change after He dropped his body?


A. I was glad when He dropped His body. And I'm going to do a painting of Baba; it’s




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