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you like them better than Baba. But whether you like one or the other, it is all Baba. So even if you like Ramkrishna better, It makes no difference, for in Ramakrishna too, I was: rather, I was he. But I know that Leyla, anyway, won't falter in her love. At least, My Leyla won't.


And why think of grey hair and getting old and haggard. Does Love ever grow less for look and age! Why, it grows all the more ripe, intense and deeper with age and experience. So, dearest, why worry about looks! Whatever you are — withered, shattered, weather-beaten, wishy-washy, wasted, pulled-down, or whatever you look — frail, fragile, flimsy, rickety, drooping, tottering, and so on and so on — you will ever be the same "loving and lovely" Leyla in the eyes of your beloved, who looks to no outward form or appearance but to the inner being, the beauty of the heart, the depth of the soul. And besides, I know that whenever I come, you dearest look lovelier, fresher, livelier than ever, in the ecstasy of seeing and being with your beloved, [whose dearest darling you are.]*


Convey my love, as ever, to dear Kim, to your dear mother, and also to all the dear ones of the group, and to others who need and seek, in Spain.


All my love,
(signed) M.S. Irani


© 1984 Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust, Ahmednagar, India


*Left out in the text here, but found in her book, The Ocean Of Love page 83, as part of the thought that Baba wrote to her. webmaster-J.K. 2009








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