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For Francis



The old poet, fallen
Seres into light:
Scattering, like seed,
His poems, white.
Filis Frederick




"At Baba's Toe"
by "Agoos" -the pet tortoise at Meherazad


Thank you, dear friend
For the greetings You did send
To this ancient bloke
Of the Ancient One
Who knows life's a joke
But not much fun
If He were not with you,
The Friend most staunch and true.
If humans were like us
Content, steady and slow
Without flurry, hurry and fuss,
They would soon come to know
That there's nowhere to go
Except to Beloved's toe!
So, at my Master's feet I rest
Knowing how much I am blest
And after 700 years
I'll greet Him, with cheers!
"God-Man is back, He was never away!
Avatar Meher Baba, Ki Jai!"
— Mani S. Irani


pen and Ink sketch of turtle, by Judy Ernst
©1984 by Judy Ernst


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