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"Love must love..."


He travelled all around the world many times;
He suffered crucifixion like Christ;
He was silent for 44 years. His silence was His crucifixion.
He suffered for us.
He loves children, birds and animals.
He had the love because He was Love personified,
And Love must love.
And now we must love Him...
But it should be gentle. It cannot be forced.
— Mehera J. Irani
February, 1984



Christ at Myrtle Beach 1958
O wondrous day of beauty at the Center on the Lakes
Sing of the miraculous joy in the Presence of Baba the Master.
All creation in His smile and all heaven in His glance
The touch of His hand like unto the velvet fields of Paradise.
The dust cries out for the fruit of His feet
And the trees reach down to cover His head.
The ocean thunders a diapason of mighty praise
Frogs croak in wild abandon, for they share the air which He breathes.
The snake comes hither to be in His Presence
And the turtles wander over the dry land to seek His touch.
The children sit at His feet in rapt adoration,
They drink of His presence with their innocent, recognizing eyes.
All are drenched in the flow of His compassion and grace,
Obedience is promised, love given, — O Baba, turn our weakness into strength.
— Hilda Thorpe



Age after age, in His compassion,
The Ancient One Himself takes birth.
In all the worlds, in all creation,
Our loving Him alone has worth.
If we take pride in our achievements,
It's an empty vacant dreaming.
Until our Heart's to Him surrendered,
Nothing that we do has meaning.
So heed his call and hold His daaman,
Though it cost you your wealth and youth.
And you will find standing before you,
In human form, resplendent Truth.
— Steve Klein


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