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During the New Life Baba said, "This New Life will live by itself eternally, even if there is no one to live it." So it is with all of Baba's work. Do the work, participate in the activities, but don't think that the work depends on anyone.


I remember during one of my visits to the West: An old-time Baba lover in reference to the apparent lack of response to her from Baba, said "What has Baba done?" It is like a cell of one's body, saying, "What have you done for me?"


Meher Baba is the Avatar, God personified. His Being permeates and sustains the entire illusion. The poet says, "One thing I could not understand. One secret I could not understand is that it is Meher Baba that gives me love, yet I am called the great Baba lover!"


Often, I have heard importance and appreciation for some work and activity being given to someone other than Baba. This doesn't mean you should not have Baba meetings because of concern about taking one's self or the actual meeting as more important than Baba.


A Baba lover once asked the Beloved: "Suppose one feels that meditating by oneself is service. I like to visit the . . .group but not all the time." Baba replied, "I would like you all to belong to certain groups. Why? Because you can cooperate and tell others about me and share your thoughts. You learn much more than when you remain by yourself. When you listen, exchange thoughts, prayers; my Presence is there. If you are talking to Me, having love for Me, then I am there. Is it all clear?'


The thing to do is to always keep Baba there at the meetings, remembering that the point is to be with Baba.


Please give my loving Jai Baba to all.


In your letter you asked for a general set of guidelines. Please feel free to ask me more specific questions, and I would be happy to respond to them.


As ever,


Adi K. Irani



Dear _____,


The important thing concerning your life is that you do whatever draws you closer to Baba. The details of one's profession and career are not so nearly important as maintaining and increasing the connection one has with Him in the abode of the heart.


Baba will be with you no matter what you study. Try your best to decide in your heart what Baba wants; then make a decision, and as long as you take His name with you, you will be doing the right thing.


No matter what you do as long as you remember Baba, then you are doing the right thing.


All the divisions you speak about exist in the mind only. The heart is only one. See from the heart, not the mind. It is the mind that wants to divide and separate. It is the heart that is one.


Through your constant remembrance of Him, His grace will flow to you to seek and experience everything as one, as parts of the whole unity of life.


In deciding not only what to take in school, but what personal relationships to develop in friends, and a life partner if you decide to get married, ask this question: Will this relationship help bring me closer to my heart's desire, Meher Baba? In deciding where to live, where to go for your vacations, in virtually every decision of your life, the criteria for such decision should be, will this action of mine bring me closer to Him, and will this please him, or can I do something else which, although it isn't something I like, yet will please Him and will bring me closer to Him?


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