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mother to feed the little one and as the God-man to

guide their spiritual destiny.

Through him the Eternal One offers itself unto all.

That same One we shall realize.

Experience is the method of his supreme teaching.

He teaches us to feel the One in the midst of the discord

of the many, to find strength in humility, and to have

faith even when life does not seem to cooperate with

the One.

Life is One; and it will render all unto the One.

It is the Law; it is the Cause; it is the End.

Life's devastating design is the realization of the One-All

through the conflict of duality.

The promise of the One to reveal itself in all is being

fulfilled through life and death, since the dawn of creation.

Our lives have sprung into existence to realize this Divine


What is the working Design in Creation?

What is the final goal of man's manifold desires?

To realize the One.


We want the One to be in our midst in life and in work

with us.

We want him to be Divine and human.

We have found our God as man.

He offers his life to us to bring us the Light.

He has awakened the longing sigh for pure Resurrection.

Let us serve this Incarnation.

Be sure, reader of books and gospels, that you have to be


The time for awakening is Now.

The Master of Love and Wisdom has come.

He is for all.

He loves the world.

He cures the Soul through mercy.

He cures through confidence in your poor darkened Soul.

Entertain in your hearts the will to serve him, O men,

O women, in this world of creative pain!

Pour out in the world's work your energy; and withdraw

into the One your hearts.

Let us welcome sorrow for "the One-ward Outcome."

Let us know the joys in pain.

Let us express Life's pure will.

He will reveal the heart which is hidden within the work

of Nature.

He will make us conscious of the hidden purpose in Life.

The force of Love which will thereby be released will be


That release can be brought about only through our free


The teaching which he gives will enlighten our will; and

he will lead us to the Unfathomable One.


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