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Our salvation is in the union of the finite with the Infinite.

He leads us towards the attainment of the Infinite.


We must know in our inner and outer striving that purity

in experience is a real possibility.

In MEHER BABA the ideal is realised.

Who else is pure, if not the one whose very presence is


What is Perfection, if not the spontaneous expression of


What is true understanding, if not the knowledge of Reality?

What is Reality if not the One, that is and was and ever

will be the One?

He arouses in us the unquestioning certainty that we are

that One.

He makes us realize that the appearance of good and bad is

all one pure progression of the Good.

The conflict of forces which we resent is ultimately in tune

with the One.

The play of life in the multiform pattern of Manifestation

is a harmony of the One.

All inner and outer Experience is a creation in lure of the


We are uncertain in our One-ward struggle, and he gives

us strength.

By throwing away the design of the Ego, we become


We cannot have both the Ego and the Infinite One.

We have to choose; and he teaches us how  to choose.

In the harsh Ego, troubled by duality, he creates "knowing


He teaches inner and outer co-operation.

His work is constantly acting Help.


We have to be as he is - One in tune with the many.

He is perfect revelation of the One.

The One which he reveals is prior to the self.

The day will come when he will manifest the One to those

whose outward mind is darkened by ignorance and

lonesome within, and whose heart is devoid of Love.

He has already manifested himself to some.

His act of Grace is constant fulfillment.

He is the manifold experience of Love in the many.

His final lure to draw us unto the One is Love.

His Divine work is done through pure Inspiration.

He shall create us equal to himself.

The will to serve him arouses within, a calm and steadfast

desire to consume our self in order to realize the One.

Men and women of all races, creeds, and nations have been

drawn to him; and they have offered their lives for

serving his Cause.

They call on him as the father to help the child, as the


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