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Stories for All God's Children


Complied and Edited by Benjamin Wells sketch of Baba in Crown ad for 'The Search For The King'-book
Hardback, with full-color dust jacket. 335 pages,
32 illustrations by Mischa Rutenberg $6.95.
     Children of all ages will find a treasure in this book: 28 pearls written by 20 authors and strung on the golden thread of their love for God. Published by Sufism Reoriented, THE SEARCH FOR THE KING has been carefully supervised by Murshida Ivy O. Duce. Nevertheless, this is a completely nonsectarian book of universal appeal.

These enchanting stories spark imagination, a precious gift of childhood. Ranging from fantasy to realism, from fable and adventure to romance, the collection is not ordered by age level or restricted in vocabulary, for who can tell how young or old a child is? The stories step beyond the usual dimensions and reveal more than we experience as reality. In Nada's Other Dress, by Selma Hassen, a brave girl discovers the truths underlying life and death.


The authors of THE SEARCH FOR THE KING come from diverse backgrounds and occupations, but they express a common theme of ideals and values that stand above the trackless waste of shifting opinions, convenient morality and casual violence that color what children — and the rest of us — see on TV, hear in public, and even read in school.


Prereaders, teenagers and adults alike will be fascinated — some of the stories are deep, some are light; none are scary. Included are The Man in the Moon, the exotic escapade of a young alchemist, lyrically told by Meher Baba's sister, Manija S. Irani; and WogglyHis Story, the humorous experiences of a Myrtle Beach tree frog seeking the Great Design, written by Henry S. Mindlin. The Lost King, by Michael Smith, is a rich allegory of the spiritual quest undertaken by every aspirant — THE SEARCH FOR THE KING!



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