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HOW A MASTER WORKS, by Ivy Oneita Duce.


800 pages, 9 illustrations . . . $17.95 (plus 50 cents handling)


Readers of HOW A MASTER WORKS will share a special publishing event. On one hand, HOW A MASTER WORKS is a gripping story; simultaneously, it is no-nonsense spiritual insight. In the autobiographical text, sparkling with intriguing anecdotes, a teacher of Sufism examines the working methods of the great spiritual Master, Meher Baba. Using her own dramatic experiences as a microscope for examination, Murshida Duce illustrates Baba's work with his disciples — both in India and the western world. She tells the story on many levels and, in firsthand detail, subtly reveals "secrets" of spiritual development.


In the Supplement, Murshida Duce draws fascinating parallels with incidents and discourses from Meher Baba and other great Masters — all illustration principles which form the background of the story and the meaning behind Meher Baba's working. It will be remembered that she co-edited GOD SPEAKS and DISCOURSES and edited BEAMS and LIFE AT ITS BEST for publication at Baba's request.


This volume has something for everyone — for those who like good biography; for new seekers first tuning in to the inner life; for those advanced spiritual aspirants on any spiritual path; and especially for those who wish a deeper understanding of the role of guidance in the perfection of consciousness. Those devoted to Meher Baba will find it a rare vintage from the Saki's cellar. Murshida Duce brings extraordinary experience to this volume — in worlds spiritual and material. The crystallization of this experience into print consumed over three years of her life. Many regard it as her personal gift to posterity.


When a teacher of Murshida Duce's status writes about a spiritual Master of Meher Baba's heights, a remarkable volume is the inevitable result. HOW A MASTER WORKS has all the makings of a classic — entertaining, subtle and profound — a teaching book which can be read again and again without losing its originality and richness.




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