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Fairy Tale


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Postscript: On the way back from India our group flight stopped in Tokyo, then Hawaii. Jeanne Kerr, Allan Cohen and I decided to stop in Hawaii for a few days' rest. We arrived at 1 a.m. Hawaiian time. Seeking refreshments at this hour led us to the only place open—a bar.


A stranger came to our table and asked me to dance. . . the tallest man I've ever seen! That's how I met Stan Alapa. The more we talked with him about our trip, the more turned-on-to Baba he became.


All of us spent the next three days together. He feasted us,—while we feasted him with Baba! The result: Stan Alapa and his young friend, Paul Morse, went to the last week of Darshan . . . JAI BABA!




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Now that Baba has dropped his physical body He becomes "The Man Who Died," and in time will become more widely recognized as the Avatar. The personification of God is always seen as historical rather than contemporary, so that it now may seem "safe" for the world to come to Baba. The fact that the God-Realized man was rather than is, somehow lends credence to his identity. But after being at darshan I am quite convinced that Baba is not historical at all, body or no body, and therefore he will fool humanity when he manifests. He will suddenly convert his existence as a recent figure of the past, to someone who is very much present. Then, with full consciousness, we will recognize our common Godhood.


Baba had once said, "Be composed in the Reality of My Love, for all confusion and despair is your own shadow, which will vanish when I speak The Word." When will this happen? No one can say. But getting there will be a thrilling divine romance.




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struggles, your efforts have been noticed by him, our Beloved. My heart goes out to those who could not be here . . . That unfortunate young person healing in traction, her heart is trying to be here . . . May I remind you that Baba said, 'Be true to the trust I repose in you, and remember Me whole-heartedly.'


Eruch: "Let the children come here first (for darshan).


Mani: "What can I say about children? If Baba hadn't loved children so much, he wouldn't have loved us so much! Wherever Baba was and where there were any children, they somehow always came to him. I remember in 1952 on the plane to the U.S. — of course, nobody knew who Baba was — the children would walk down the aisle and constantly stop where Baba was sitting and caress his coat or look up at him. And their mothers would be after them, 'Don't disturb that gentleman!' Then Baba would smile, the mothers would relax and forget to scold . . . I think they wanted to come and caress Baba too! (laughter). Recently, a couple who loved Baba for many years wrote us that their little two year old child woke up at one o'clock at night, called her daddy and said five times, very clearly, 'Daddy, Meher Baba is God."'




Pilgrim's Progress

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to make way for the oneness of His Real Coming in our midst.


Now we must uphold Baba as Baba always upholds and sustains His creation which is made of Himself. Where is Avatar Meher Baba now? Is He everywhere? No, He is in His lovers. His lovers carry and sustain Him, God the sustainer.


Without His lovers the link is snapped and He is absolutely Beyond and will not be seen or heard of again for seven hundred years. But in the hearts of His lovers God the Sustainer will live this new life and manifest His glory to those who hold Him high to the endless end.


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