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said Hamirpur was his heart, and Andhra his head . . . The tape of their song says, 'Every time You come, Baba, be sure to bring me with you again.'


Eruch adds: "Almost all of the Eastern lovers never wish to have God-Realization or experiences on the Path from Baba. They say only, 'Baba, give us the boon: allow us to be with You in human form, whenever, in any age, You come to earth.' Nor have any of the Mandali, as far as I know, asked him for God-Realization, or inner experiences on the Path. They would ask to be with the Avatar whenever he came, to love him and serve him. And some ask only for the boon of desirelessness." Mani interjects: "Eruch means that; it is very beautiful."


Adi: "Baba has always said that true spirituality is not a matter of inner experiences. He says, 'I have come to give you that experience which, once gained, is never lost.'


"How can you gain that experience? It's our conviction that God is, and Meher Baba is the Personification of God. Everything in life changes, our lives, our bodies, our thoughts, even inner experiences come and go. But this conviction never changes. If a true Baba lover were told his head would be cut off if he said Baba is God, he would not recant. Such a unique and precious thing as that faith can bring one to God-Realization. It is like turning on a light switch, . . . in a fraction of a second the light goes on. But in order for it to happen the lamp has to be there, the switch, the electric wires, the power-house; and all that takes time.


"Baba has said when the light is on, we see everything. But if, in darkness, in illusion, we have the conviction that Meher Baba is the Personification of God, . . . perhaps one day we may wake up from sleep in illusion and gain God-Realization in this very life.


"Baba has done inner work and he has suffered and suffered much. But what has he done? In my opinion, he has created a Trust, an Universal Spiritual Trust, in which he has made all humanity his beneficiaries. Baba said his Universal Work embraced every human being, everything in creation. So from this huge Trust he has created, every man, woman and child will benefit for all time."


April 29th, Charles Haynes:   "Beloved Baba and his dearest Mandali, we bring our love and our praise. The four of us, Bill, Louise, Wendy and myself, represent a great number of young people at Amory University, Woffard College and Myrtle Beach, who want to give their lives and their love to our Beloved, and who are here in spirit today. Beloved Baba, we ask you to accept this, we ask you to remember that each one of us loves you very much. We take this opportunity to say out loud what our hearts say silently, because you always asked us to say what was in our hearts . . .


"Beloved Baba's work should be done from heart to heart, as you have always told us. And each one who loves you and is new to you and has given his life to you — I thought it would make you laugh to know — not one of them ever heard a Baba talk, nor saw a Baba film, . . .as it so happened. They do not need to, because you awakened them in their hearts. So it goes from heart to heart. Louise sent me a little poem. She makes things all the time for Baba . . .


Baba sings in your heart

His song of love is there.

And if you hold Him very close

His love will light the way . . .


Paul Mathews: "This is the song with all the la-las at the end . . . Except Francis suggested last night it should be Jaya, Jaya, that means 'victory.' And everyone should sing real loud!" (Winne Barret and Paul sing their song as every one joins in the Jayas and claps).


Eruch:  "You all will be taking Baba's love with you. We will be keeping your love for Baba with us here. It was such a beautiful experience for us all to have this fair exchange of Baba's love."


Fred Winterfeldt: " Many years ago, in 1954, Baba asked each one of us, 'What are you thinking?' When he came to me, I could only repeat the old saying,'When the heart is full, the mouth runs over.' And so it is, when I see you all turning in here in front of Baba, like a beautiful carpet of roses, of Divine Love for Baba. I wish to thank Elizabeth Patterson, the Meher Spiritual Center, and all of those who made it possible for the group to be here. All your


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