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Q: Has He Ever been In Love?


A: Yes, he has. And he is still in love.

He has been and eternally is in love with humanity!


Q: What Have You Learnt By Following Meher Baba?


A: That we have to completely unlearn all we have learnt in order to begin to know the     Truth.


Q: What Have You Gained By Following Meher Baba?


A: The loss of some of the false self.

Unless one completely loses one's false self one cannot gain one's true Self.


Q: Does One Have To Receive Any Initiation From Him To Be His Follower?


A: The only `initiation' is the love for him that he awakens in one's heart.


Q: Does He Give Any Mantra, Any Sadhana (Discipline)?


A: To repeat his name is the only mantra that he gives.

To just remember him wholeheartedly at all times is the only sadhana he prescribes.


Q: What Yoga Does Meher Baba Teach?


A: Meher Baba says, “The yoga I teach is: You go from you and come to me


Q: What Does He Want Of Us?


A: He wants complete surrender and complete obedience.


Q: How Can One Get Happiness? What Has He To Say?


A: He says:


"If man wants the happiness he is striving for, let him be more aggressive towards himself and more tolerant towards others."


The cause of misery is the selfishness in man."


"Happiness and misery are two facets of Illusion."


Q: What Is The Goal Of Life According To Meher Baba?


A: The annihilation of the mind and the realization of the Self.


Q: What Is Meher Baba's Mission?


A: He is not a missionary to have a mission.


He is the Ancient One come again among men to help them to know that God alone is real and all else is illusion.


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