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as Avatar in our midst, to deliver mankind from suffering. The Avatar does his work with infinite compassion whether one believes or does not believe in such a God.


Q: Why Is India Suffering More Than Any Other Country Even Though The Avatar Is Born       And Lives In India?


A: It is always when suffering is intense on earth that God manifests as the Avatar, the Christ. And it is but natural for the Redeemer to live among those who suffer most.


Q: What Has He Done So For To Help Humanity?


A: There is chaos, confusion, and tremendous destructive potential in the world today. His Presence on earth is the very act of Divine Intervention that checks the world from headlong catastrophe and saves it from total destruction.


Q: Who Are His Intimate Disciples?

Has Any Of Them Realized God?


A: Anyone who adheres to the discipline set by him and carries out his every command without any reservation is his ultimate disciple. To live with him from day to day is more than God-realization for his disciples, who love him and revere him as God on earth.


Q: How Does Meher Baba Maintain Himself And His Disciples?


A: There are many followers of Meher Baba who desire to spend money for his and his disciples' daily needs; only a few are permitted to do so. Apart from these followers, there are those who wish to express their devotion in the form of simple gifts, and when the manner of expression touches him he accepts these also, and distributes them among those who are with him at the time.


Q: What Does He Eat - Is He Vegetarian Or Non-Vegetarian?

A: He is neither a vegetarian nor a non-vegetarian. He eats little and is indifferent to such matters. He takes whatever breakfast, lunch and supper is prepared for him with love. However, his favorite dish is plain dal and rice.


Q: Does He Observe Fast?


A: Yes, he has often observed rigorous fasts, for weeks at a time. Once he fasted for six months, taking nothing but a limited amount of coffee each day. But his fasting is not an act of austerity or penance, as that of an ascetic who seeks spiritual gain. For him there is nothing left to gain. When he fasts it is for the spiritual benefit of mankind.


Q: Is He Married?


A: In this Advent, No.


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