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  • Through the language of the heart, which is love - pure divine Love.

  • Through the silent language of the heart which is more potent than any spoken word.

  • Through the gestures of his hands, which are more expressive and eloquent than the spoken word.


Q: Will He Be Able To Speak After So Many Years Of Silence? (Doctors Say It Is Not       Possible.)


A: Yes, He will be able to speak, for his silence is not the silence of man.


Q: Why Has He Been Putting Of f The Breaking Of His Silence From Time To Time?


A: Because of infinite compassion. Although a doctor knows that his patient will take a long time to recover, he comforts him by saying he will get well soon. Every time the doctor sees the patient he assures him that he will soon be feeling quite well and strong, and to help him do so he promises his discharge from hospital in a week - then another week - and yet another week - until finally the day arrives when the patient is fully recovered and obtains release.


The God-Man is the Divine Doctor or Messiah who has come to heal a very sick humanity. The breaking of his silence will release humanity from its ignorance of the purpose of God's Creation.


Q: Why Does Meher Baba Remain In Seclusion Most Of The Time?


A: Because as the time of his manifestation approaches, his intensified universal work demands his undivided attention. Also to make his lovers impatient to see him and make them feel his presence all the more when he steps out of seclusion and gives his darshan.


Q: What Does He Actually Do When He Is In Seclusion?


A: He attends to his universal Work on the inner planes of consciousness, of which we can have no idea. At such times he wishes to remain absolutely undisturbed by visitors, or correspondence etc. Also he says, everyone does something but he does nothing.


Q: What Is Meher Baba's Religion?


A: He belongs to no religion. Every religion belongs to him. He says, "My personal religion is my being the Ancient Infinite One; and the religion I impart to all is Love for God which is the truth of all religions."


Q: What Are His Teachings?


A: Remember God and love God, and forget yourself and everything. He does not teach but awakens in one love for God.


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