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He is God in the form of a human being, the God-Man. The difference between an ordinary man and God-Man is this: The ordinary man is not yet conscious of his inherent Godhood but fully conscious only of his manhood. The God-Man is fully conscious of His God-hood and Manhood simultaneously. He continually experiences infinite Knowledge, infinite Power and infinite Bliss. He simultaneously suffers with, and in, each one of His creation. As God-Man, God helps mankind age after age, individually and universally.

  • Avatar is the Manifestation of God in the form of a man. At intervals, God manifests on earth in human form because of His Love for His children. As God is One, the Avatar cannot be more than one. The Avatar is the one and only God-Man on earth. There cannot be two Avatars at any time.

  • When God mingles among men as one of them, He is called the Avatar. All other so-called avatars can only be avatars in name, not in fact.


Q: What Makes You Believe That He Is The Avatar?


A: One's belief or faith is an inner revelation, a deep conviction, that cannot be communicated to others by words. It has to be a personal experience. We believe that Meher Baba is the Avatar, because in Him we find the affirmation of the existence and attributes of God. There are hundreds of thousands who are fortunate to have experienced this, who believe that Meher Baba is the Avatar.


Q: Why Is Meher Baba Observing Silence?


A: For the benefit of mankind. Meher Baba says, The voice that is heard deep within the soul is my voice Through those who are re­ceptive to this voice, I speak eternally. My outward silence is no spiritual exercise. It has been undertaken and maintained for the good of others. I bind myself with silence, that when I break it man-kind will realize what real freedom is."


Q: When Will He Break His Silence?


A: Two parties cannot talk simultaneously. One has to talk and the other has to listen. Meher Baba will break his silence when the world is ready to listen to his Word.


Meher Baba says, "People have asked me when I will break my silence. I, in turn have asked them, if my silence does not speak, then of what avail would be speeches made by the tongue?"


Q: How Does He Communicate?


A: Through his divine Love which reaches the hearts of all who come in his presence.


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