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pitality you have all shown to us during our stay at your parents' residence in London. Baba is much pleased with you — for the thought you always gave for His convenience and comfort there and conveys His blessings and wishes you to convey the same to your parents.


With love from Baba for you and yours,



P. S. — Baba has sent Rustom to India via Egypt on a special mission to join Him later on.


Hotel Astor
New York
November 29th, 1931.


Dear Sweet lovers of Baba,


Received letters from all the members of the Company, Kim, Desmond, Delia, Margaret . . .


Since I wrote to you last, we started by the S.S. Roma from Genoa. Through the influences of a very influential Italian gentleman who had seen Baba in Milan and loved him, we had the best accommodation on the boat and the officers and the servants were so polite. They placed a fine boy to stand on service all day for Baba.


The Atlantic is known to be the roughest and most stormy of all the oceans and we too expected to have some bitter experience of it if it showed its might one of these days of its crossing. But to the surprise of all on board, even of the crew on board, it was as quiet and calm as a lake throughout the six days that we were on it. Perhaps the Lord of the Ocean felt shy and small before the Lord of the Universe.


Of the many acquaintances made on board, there was a sweet Canadian girl whose love for Baba since the moment of her acquaintance entitled her to his visits often, a really sweet child who could safely be included in the group of Baba's dear ones. She came to see Baba three times during her stay in New York.


The boy who waited on Baba was a fine young kid. Much pleased with Baba and impressed with his personality, the boy asked for a photo of Baba which was given. Others seeing this photo in the boy's hand made a rush to our cabin one after the other and these were all distributed till the whole stock finished. This was of course at the end of our voyage when we entered New York harbor. Yet it created a peculiar sort of sensation among passengers who, all these days looked at Him with curiosity, now tried to look at Him with wonder whenever He came out and passed by — only too eager to form acquaintance! There were some good


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