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When next you write to him describe in full detail all that happened when I was at your place.


Dear Kitty, you have worked well for me and will one day fully understand that Baba is everywhere and that he is the One Infinite Existence and the Ocean of Love.


Ali remembers very much and sends you his loving regards.


We are leaving today for Milan and thence to U.S.A. Forward all letters to the following address:


Care of Enid Corfe
Pensione Agostini
Milan, Italy.


Give my love to Mr. and Mrs. Davy. With love,



* * *


Albergo Imperiale
October 25th, 1931

Dear Kitty,


Received your letter and the poems. Are they not wonderful. And more wonderful is your love for me!


I in my God-Conscious state continually experience Infinite Knowledge, Power and Bliss.


Ali was much pleased with your mentioning about the night lights and the new nib and sends his loving regards.


I love Herbert dearly and have written him a long letter.


We are leaving Italy for New York by the Italian boat SS. Roma on the 27th.




With love
(Letter signed by Chanji)


Hotel Imperial
October 25th, 1931.


Dear Kitty and members of "Kimco,"


I duly received your two letters, one at Istanbul and the other here, and the contents duly delivered to Baba who has sent you replies already.


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