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As the Holy Master had warned his disciple that if he and his party were not allowed to leave Duzdab in a day they would have to stay there not less than eight months, Messrs. Dadachanji and Afseri went to his office and house again and again to persuade him. Though he was not the man to be coaxed into doing anything against his will, their efforts were not without any effect. They somewhat softened his iron resolution, and it melted away by the note which the Governor of Duzdab wrote to him at the request of a local devotee of the Holy Master In the note the Governor requested him to give all facilities to His Holiness and his party for their departure from Duzdab. A Pathan though he was, he acceded to the request and visaed the passport of the Holy Master.


By rail the Holy Master left Duzdab for India via Quetta (Pakistan). On the 15th he came to Lahore and on the 16th November, 1929, to Nasik.

* * *

People may ask us: "What is your religion? What is Baba's religion or cult" The answer, simple and straight, is, in the words of Jalaluddin Rumi:


"The lovers of God have no religion but God alone."


'The lovers of Avatar Meher Baba have no religion but the love of Baba alone. "


As Shri Narad Muni declared: "Love cannot be made to fulfill desire, because its nature is renunciation."


Baba devotees all over, on this occasion of his 71st birthday, take delight in reciting and chanting Baba's names, virtues, glory, stories and character and popularizing them through lectures, talks, discourses and offering praises to Baba. They feel supreme gratification in this.


To such lovers who have their minds fixed on Baba, and their lives surrendered to Baba, Baba has promised real "awakening." As it says in verses 10 and 11 of Chapter X of the Gita:


"On those ever united through meditation with me and worshipping me with love, I confer that Yoga of wisdom through which they come to me.


"In order to shower my grace on them, I, dwelling in their hearts, dispel the darkness born of ignorance by the shining light of wisdom."


This is the "awakening" which is what Meher Baba has come for.


In his birthday Message for the 71st birthday, Baba has asked us to be true to the trust reposed by him in us. Let us all, jointly, collectively and individually, rededicate ourselves, and pledge our love, faith and loyalty to Baba and also be really worthy of telling Him: "Baba, be true to your promise to your lovers and do not let us down, because we know no other God or religion except YOU, and we. have been all along holding on to your daaman."


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