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Similarly, the present chaotic condition of the world is due to materialism, which has developed self-interest and greed in mankind, raising a curtain which obstructs spiritual vision and development. It has grown so bad now as to create chaos all over the world, a clear indication that the cataract is quite ripe and ready for the operation.


The operation over, the disease of ignorance, greed and lust will be removed and the spiritual vision of the world will once again be restored.


The Doctor-Master is ready for the operation, awaiting only the ripening of the cataract.


In answer to the question, "Why is Baba always misunderstood?" Baba replied:



*    *    *



Frontispiece, top photo: Nasik Ashram. Baba "talking" with Adi Jr., Chanji and his brother Jal


Lower photo: Picnic in Happy [Anand] Valley April, 1937.

Upper row: Meher Baba with Rano Gayley in tree; Margaret Craske, Mary and Will Backett, Delia DeLeon, Jean Adriel and Kitty Davy.

Bottom row : Adi Jr., Kalingad, Ruano Bogislav, Chanji, Adi Sr. and Freiny,


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