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reality on earth, and this in turn will strike at the root of narrow exploitation.


I bless you all for the realization of this, the aim of life.



Catch, but be not caught . . . like putting on a coat when you feel cold and being free to take it off when you feel hot.


If you pour boiling milk into a glass it breaks; but if you put in a spoon to absorb the heat, the glass does not break, and then you take out the spoon and the milk is poured out hot.


In everything you do, put your mind to it, and then forget it . . . but do not be attached to it.



In answer to the question, "Why do the teachings of Avatars vary?” Baba replied:



For example: There are about twenty to twenty-five patients in a hospital. Those complaining of thirst in the morning are prescribed tea or coffee. Those with the same complaint, at noon, are given lemon-water; in the evening, buttermilk; and at night, hot milk. The physician is the same, the complaint is the same. But the one complaint — of thirst — is satisfied in different ways according to different conditions, at different times.


In the same way, God is One; but His manifestations at different times to satisfy man's thirst for Truth ordains different ways and remedies.




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