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"Although you have not received love's guerdon,

One day this desert will become a garden—so be not grieved .


Do not turn your heart away, nor expostulate

Against the Beloved, but bear your present state—and be not grieved.


Let this disgusted mind and troubled heart be stilled,

One day desire for union will be fulfilled―so be not grieved.


Behind the curtain a secret game is being played

That you know not, so don't give up, nor be dismayed—nor grieved.


Once you have set out for the Beloved 's abode

Do not let mere stones and thorns turn you from the road—nor be much grieved


Maya will do her best to thwart your labor,

But when you have a captain like Noah you will reach safe harbor—so be not grieved.


Although the way is full of dangers and seems to have no end,

There is an end to every beginning with this Friend—so be not grieved.


When this Friend is the same as God, don't plague him with petitions,

But suffer gladly love's rules, trials and conditions—and be not grieved.



Baba: "What is there to worry about? So don't worry! Yesterday it rained and you got drenched. What did happen? Nothing! Today it is just the same here. Nothing happened yesterday, it is just today!"


Baba took in His hands a large glass that was covered with bright golden paper and marked "God." Baba said, "Do you like Me to play some tricks? Take this glass as God the Infinite. God can't be seen with our limited eyes. He is Infinite, absolutely invisible, independent, yet He pervades everything. Now see that there are three illusory existences inside God. (Three smaller glasses inside the large glass.) Here is one of them, the Gross World—it is the smallest, (innermost glass covered with a coppery shade ), though to us it is so big, so Infinite. This Gross World depends on the next illusory existence― the Subtle World, (second inner glass). The Gross existence depends on the Subtle and is within the Subtle; and this Subtle existence depends on the Mental World, (third inner glass). This Mental Existence depends on God, (the large glass). Thus the Gross depends on the


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