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Another afternoon, He went to the apartment of Consuelo Sides to meet about forty of her friends.


In Scarsdale, while Darwin Shaw and Fred Winterfeldt and John Bass were with Baba, He told them about a catastrophe to come in the near future and that a number of people would be destroyed. Fred asked,* "Would this destruction be man-made or natural?" Baba replied, "Both will work for destruction." Gabriel Pascal, the well-known producer, also saw Baba in Scarsdale for two hours one morning. The theme of their discussion was the filming of Mahatma Gandhi's life. Baba emphasized the need for a spiritual setting and wanted it filmed in India.


Barbara Mahon writes of her second interview, in New York:


"This was July—hot summer . . . I went to Mrs. Duce's early on a Saturday morning and Baba was seeing people in groups. Somehow I missed my group and so I just sat and sat knowing Baba was in the next room, perfectly content to just sit, and sit I was in no hurry. Finally, Margaret Craske noticed me there and arranged for me to go in and see Baba, this time alone. He was reclining on a couch showing the effects of the accident. He clasped my hand with such power―it was incredible. It was as though an electric current was flowing from Him to me. He gave me darshan and I left. As I walked away from Mrs. Duce's apartment, I wept in the street, and I saw others sitting on benches in Central Park crying. I think it was mainly because we knew we would not see Him again on this trip. When I got home I sat around in a daze for quite a while."


Beryl gives us her account of these days:


"The weekend of July 20th was devoted to personal interviews and on Sunday Baba consented to give a discourse to the combined New York groups, so we were asked to remain after seeing Baba.


"When Baba was wheeled out into the large salon of Mrs. Duce's apartment, we gathered 'round Him eagerly, some on chairs, some on the floor at His feet, while the overflow remained standing around the walls. Baba dictated on His alphabet board and at one point in the discourse He stressed that the time would come when the whole world would be crying for God and that He must return to India to carry out the work that God had ordained for Him to do. If the course of His work did not cause Him to drop His body He would surely return to America after a year, but if He dropped His body then He world return to earth after 700 years. In saying this,



* (this note appears in the next issue, Vol. 7, No. 1, p. 40) -but also copied here for your information-webmaster


["To the Editor of the Awakener:


"The subject matter which I wish to relate here concerns an incomplete account of a conversation between Beloved Baba and myself, in The Awakener Volume 6 No. 4 at Page 46 beginning with line 3.


"I spoke to Baba about someone, who, in order to protect his family and himself from destruction foretold by Baba, wanted to establish a home way up in the mountains and stock it with the necessary food.


"Baba interrupted me and said; 'No place will be safe, not even the top of the Himalayas; only by the Grace of God can one be saved.' So I asked Baba if this destruction would be man-made or a natural one, then Baba answered: ‘It will be both.'



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