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Q. Are you a Mahatma?


A. What is a Mahatma? I know the Truth. You live in London. You know it, I know.


Q. Are you divine?


A. I am one with God. I live in Him, like Buddha, like Christ, like Krishna. They knew Him as I know Him. All men can know Him.


Q. Have you solved the problem of evil?


A. There is no evil. There are only degrees of good.


Q. What is your secret?


A. The elimination of the ego (False ego).


Q. Do you believe in Buddha and the eight-fold path?


A. All religion is ascent by stages to perfect union with God.


Q. What God do you believe in?


A. There is but one God for all men.


Q. What religion is nearest to yours?


A. All religions are revelations of one God.


Q. Is God a person or a power?


A. God is both personal and impersonal. He is in art, in literature, in everything.


Q. Are yon married?


A. Sex for me does not exist.


(The above are some of the questions asked to the Master by Mr. James Douglas of the "Sunday Express.")



Q. They say that woman is a drag on man in his attainment of divine grace. All the saints you see . . .


A. Ah, no. Woman can play an important part in the development of divine grace. She is man’s equal. So long as she is true to herself, all will be well. But when she surrenders to her surroundings (you understand), the function of marriage fails. It is then you have divorces.


Q. Then the vow of celibacy which the saints undertook . . .


A. It is unimportant. Some men marry; others had better remain single. But a man is not particularly more backward because he is married. A woman by her love can inspire him to know the Truth. But she must develop love and not lust. This is the key to happiness.


(The above questions were put to the Master by the representative of the "Daily Sketch" in 1932.)


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