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Q. What was your age when you began falling at the feet of your parents every night before going to bed?


A. About sixteen.


Q. When did you cease doing so.


A. After Babajan gave the Divine thrill.


(The above are a few of the questions put to Shri Meher Baba relating to his childhood and boyhood by Mr. K. J. Dastur in 1928.)



Q. What do you teach your enquirers?


A. According to their individual needs; but when I speak to the whole world, my teaching will be universal.


Q. Can you raise the dead?


A. If necessary. Christ raised the dead and made the blind to see. But to anybody who has attained the state of consciousness that I have reached, miracles are child's play.


Q. Did Babajan teach you all that you are teaching now?


A. No. She did not teach me exactly. She unlocked the door. I knew that I had powers within me; but it was She who showed me what they meant. It was not something to be taught but to be lived and experienced.


Q. Do you impose any discipline or rule of life on your followers and encourage fasting and vegetarianism?


A. Only according to their individual needs. One of my disciples in India has lived for four years on water and a little milk. But if a man has a family, perhaps, I don't ask him to forsake it.


Q. From which religious teacher did you derive your philosophy, from Christ or Buddha?


A. From no one teacher in particular. Christ, Buddha, Krishna, . . . these are names for states of consciousness.


(The above questions were put to the Master by the representative of the "Daily Mirror" of London in 1932.)




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