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The sterility of lust depletes the spirit; it generates a sense of hopeless dependence upon a form which is regarded as belonging to another entity. Love enhances the spirit; its sacred fire of love fuses the lives of lover and beloved into one, doubling the capacity of both. Loving the whole world is in the deepest sense equivalent to living in the whole world Lust is a blundering into separateness and grief: love a progression into a unity and joy. Lust is the craving of the senses; love the reaching out of the spirit. In lust there is excitement, in love—tranquility. Lust seeks fulfillment. Love experiences it.


"Love lays itself at the feet of the Beloved, without any reservations, yet in that very act it finds the Beloved becoming a spiritual part of its own being."






From "Singing Threshold" by Francis Brabazon


Seeker: The way of His Name! The way of His Name. The way of His Name.


The way of Kabir, the way of Nanak, Chaitanya, Abu Said and the rest.


The way of the fighters, of the men of peace, who broke


The serried ranks of illusion and silenced the citadels of craving


With an arrow of a word from a Rama's bow,


With a stone of a word from a David's sling,


With a stroke of a word from a Sigurd's sword,


Or a keen thrust of a word from Achilles' spear.


O BABA, when will I meet the merciful sword,


The kind spear-thrust, the sudden rifle of your glance?


The above is a quotation from Francis Brabazon's new book of short poetic dramas entitled "Singing Threshold." Besides "The Quest," there are "Happy Monody," "Singing Threshold," "The Bridge," "The Stranger," "The Madmen," and "The Moon"; many were performed before Baba Himself at the 1956 Australian sahavas. Baba is their exultant and dominant theme. Francis is our best practicing Baba-poet and singer, writing in his own free-hand style with overtones of Lorca and Whitman. Write for this book to Francis Brabazon, P.O. Box 6, Woombye, Queensland, Australia. The price is 21/ or $2.50.


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