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owing to engine-trouble; and Baba said, "You see their love (those at the barrier) caused the engine to fail so that we had to come back again."


Baba retired as soon as we got back to Beacon Hill.


On the morning of the 14th Baba decided to abandon a proposed all-day trip to the Blue Mountains, preferring to stay at Beacon Hill and rest and do His work, but accepted a short beach drive in the morning and visited the two houses where members of the Group had been staying.


Baba called us all in again after tea, told us to sit down, and asked the writer to get a volume of Hafiz, which Baba opened at random and asked the writer to read:


O ignorant one! strive to become a master of knowledge;

Until you have yourself traversed the road, how can you become a guide to others?


O son! strive to learn from the instructor of love in the school of divine truth,

so that one day you may become one of the fathers.


Sleeping and eating has kept you far from attaining the ranks of love;

You will reach the Friend when you become foodless and sleepless.


If the light of the love of God falls in your heart and soul,

I swear by God you will become more beautiful than the sun in the sky.


Like the men of the homeward path, give away the copper of your own existence,

So that by the alchemy of love you may become gold.


God's light shall shine on you from head to foot

When you become without head and feet in the path of the Glorious One.


Be immersed for a moment in the ocean of God, and do not think

That a single hair of your head will be wetted by the waters of the seven seas.


If the face of God be the object of your gaze,

There is no doubt that from henceforth you will be a possessor of wisdom.


When the foundations of your existence are destroyed,

Think not that the house of your heart will be demolished.


O Hafiz! if in your head there is the desire for union with the Beloved, You must become as the dust before the door of those who discern spiritual things.


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