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19. "God reveals Himself only to that mind which is entirely devoid of egoism and egotism."


20. "True Love means the dedication of one's self or complete surrender of oneself to the Beloved. It aims at seeking the happiness of the Beloved, without the least desire of getting happiness from the Beloved."


21. "All those who experience the gross world as red are asleep. Only those who experience it as unreal can realize God and become awake in the broad sense of the word"


22. "One who has attained Infinite Bliss can make thousands Perfect like Himself."


23. "Realization of Truth is solely the concern of the individual."


24. "The basis of religion is `faith,'—faith in God and faith in a future state of life. There is no question of faith or belief for One who has seen and realized God. Such a One is above all faith and religion."


25. "The book of the heart holds the key to the mystery of life. "


26. "My Love for those who belong to Me and are ever at heart never changes, whatever its expression, and whenever conveyed."


27. "Whatever one suffers for Love is suffered for the better."


28. "Divinity includes all that is beautiful and gracious. How, there-fore, could you expect a Perfect Being not to have a sense of humor?"


29. " Don ' t worry!"


30. "Spirituality does not mean renunciation of worldly activities. It means the internal renunciation of mundane desires."


31. "I will teach you how to move in the world yet be at all times in inward communion with Me as the Infinite Being."


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