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is the seventh shadow of That Word. The Sanskrit language is based on OM. I personally prefer Persian."


He said of another record: "Some of you may like the singer's voice, others may not. She is the greatest Indian Qawwali singer. She always sings about lovers of God. Here she sings about Masts who, in love for God, have discarded everything and appear as mad. The Mast says to the Beloved:


         "If you want to make me mad for you, do so; but don't make me a laughing-stock. Oh          you people of the world, who think me mad, and throw stones at me, if you were fortunate          enough to have this love, you also would be mad like me.


         "Oh you, who talk of loving God, you have to bow down to Him as though at every step,          every particle of dust were a threshold to the Beloved."


A Persian record of Hafiz's poem was played, and Baba interpreted:


         "Do not procrastinate. Start to love from this very moment. Do not forget the Beloved          even for one instant."


Baba explained that the Master of Hafiz, whose name was Fariduddin Attar, had long tresses of black hair. Hafiz says in the following poem:


        "Do not let your hair flow freely as my heart receives an arrow from

    every hair."


At the end he says:


         "O Beloved! These tears that I shed are tears of blood so precious that you should           consider them as pearls and wear them as earrings.


       "God says, O Lover of mine, if you want to enter My Lane (Path), first let your head roll          under My feet and be kicked by Me as a ball.


       "He says: I have been killed by your Love, and yet you cruel Beloved, you do not even           glance at me."


Baba said: "So today we have tried to love God, we talked of love and heard songs of love. I am the most busy in the world. I have to look after the details of these meetings, and work on all planes. Yet I am the most inactive one. Today we resolve that we must love God at any cost, and the most practical way to do it I will tell you at the meeting."


Baba was present during luncheon. He saw a number of the party, and then left, walking down the Hill.


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