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you have that solace at least.” "Malcolm replied, "We should have more solace if you gave us the experience." Baba did not answer. The records and the interpretations continued:


       "Here the Sufi of Experience says: Oh you, who have arrived at the Goal and know the         secret of God, see that you reveal the secret only to the few select ones."


Baba said, “When Mansoor said 'I am God,' the Moslems got infuriated and hanged him."


        "Oh Mansoor, even if you are hanged for having said you are one with Beloved God, do         not reveal the secret. Oh Shams-i-Tabriz, because you raised the dead and the Moslems         skinned you alive, do not reveal the secret.

        "Oh Lovers of God, do not let what is in your hearts come to your lips.

        "Remember, one who really loves God, God annihilates him; God mixes him with the          dust."


Baba said, "And this was true of the Apostles of Christ, and the Saviours."


       "O Lover, beware, God tests you by being cruel, by giving you false hopes, even by        cutting you to pieces."


"Kalyan says: ‘The Master ties you fully dressed, hands and feet, unto a plank, throws you in mid-ocean, and says, if you love Me, let not one drop of water touch your clothes.' Why does He do this?" asked Baba. The answer is that which Peter the chief Apostle was told, 'You will deny Me.' Why? Jesus said it and had it done. Why? Jesus, in that way, took the whole burden of the world and made Peter share it. To love means to lose your whole self with all its paraphernalia: it means torture, pangs, longing, and if despite all this, one is firm in his love, he becomes one with the Beloved. What was the height of suffering to Peter? That he denied his beloved Master! This denial was to enable him to share the sufferings of Jesus."


       “The lover says that 'now the effect of your love has so infinitely widened my vision that      wherever I go, I see nothing but you.


        "I know, Beloved, I shall not be able to bear your glory. Yet I am ready to die; show me

 your face'."


Baba went on to talk about Sanskrit and Persian. He said, "Try all of you to keep your lips tight and to say something. The sound will be OM. That


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